Advertising, Direct Mail, Award Winning Piece

This is an award winning postcard that I created for an insurance company. The card received a Gold Hermes Creative award for design and concept. I also developed the company’s tagline, “Accidents happen in the blink of an i” where the “i” represents the first letter in their business name. I also conceptualized the secondary tagline “We’re keeping our “i” on your coverage” using the “i” again from their logo for further branding purposes.

Advertising, Creative Writing

This is an ad that I developed for an insurance agency. I conceptualized the tagline “Drivers of all ages deserve a break on car insurance” as well as the idea to use a baby driving a car for the image. The client was extremely pleased with this ad that ran for years and helped them with their branding and promotion of their business.

White paper, writing sample

This is a 10 page white paper entitled “The Non-profit Dilemma” that I wrote for Updentity. The white paper is designed to reach non-profits and provide them with information and insights regarding online advertising and the benefits it can have for their organizations.

Blog article, graphic design

This is a blog article that I wrote identifying the top 5 marketing challenges most non-profits face today. This was written for a company I worked for that specializes in Google Ad Grants and non-profit online advertising. The purpose of the article is to persuade individuals at the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey to think about online advertising as an option for their business. I also designed the image for the blog.

Video Production

We created the concept and story board for the Elderly Pet Organization video. This video was produced using Animoto production software and was a low budget production that helped the organization promote awareness and raise money for their rehoming project.

Website Development & Non Profit Management

The Elderly Pet Organization is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that I provide overall vision and structure for the organization. I have been under contract with this organization since 2018. I conceptualized, designed, and developed their website, wrote blog articles, wrote grant proposals that were funded, acquired the Google Ad Grant valued at $120,000 per year,…

Website Design & Development, Marketing Management

For Techgardens, I have been under contract since 2017. During this time, I managed their entire marketing department and I provided overall marketing direction for the entire operation. I designed and developed five website, including their main website. When I began working for this client, they had zero online presence, and a basic 3 page…

Creative direction & marketing strategy

East Coast Construction is an organization I worked with during my tenure at MBA for a Day. I conceptualized this generic business card, which does not have contact information for the anonymity of the individual (it was removed for this portfolio). For this client, I developed the tagline “Unearthing the possibilities” for their construction business.