PFR Inc. Case Study

case study

Providence Fire Restoration Services

When I met Gale, the office manager and co owner from PFR, Inc. she was frustrated and determined to help her company to get more visibility online. At the time that we met, she did not have control of her website, PFR did not rank organically for any of the major keywords that related to their business, and they were losing customers to the competition on a regular basis. Their URL is which stands for Providence Fire Restoration wasn’t even coming up in the search results for the keyword phrase “providence restoration.” They offer restoration services and emergency cleanup services for catastrophic events, including damage caused by fire, water, or hurricanes.

One of the first things I did with Gale was help her gain control of their website and their domain name. The company they had been using was out of business and the individual was giving her a hard time about moving the domain – a common issue I have experienced with unscrupulous website development firms. I worked with Go Daddy, the domain hosting company to convince them to give us access to and control of the domain name. Since we could not get control of the website, we had to build a new website; but it had to be something that Gale could easily update with no web development experience or coding knowledge. We selected 1and1. I transferred the domain name to 1and1’s web servers to make this easier for Gale to manage. Having the domain with the website hosting makes setting up email addresses easier. Plus, at renewal time, everything is in one account, making the entire process much more user friendly.

Then we created a new website together. I selected a 1and1 template, based on Gale’s visual and functional preferences. I designed custom headers for the site and created a site map for the site. I also worked with Gale to create all of the content on the site. Drawing on her experience in the industry and my expertise in keyword optimization, we crafted page after page of optimized content for the new site. We added images, with alt tags, and new content to help educate and inform site visitors. Our goal was conversion and each page was designed to help convince customers to contact the organization for their emergency cleanup needs. The site was also mobile optimized so that it rendered properly on a variety of mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

I worked with Gale on developing their blog for their new site. I explained the importance of the blog and how it can help organic search engine presence in reaching their geo targeted market. We crafted a list of topics and I wrote several articles that were keyword optimized to help the site rank high organically. Over time, the blog has grown to dozens of articles that are keyword optimized to help drive search traffic and website visitors to the site.

I also worked with Gale to create social media business pages for the firm, and created a Hootsuite account for her to quickly update each social media page with information. I felt social media was important for Gale because of the nature of her business. There is an urgency with restoration services and immediate attention is required in their business. Social media was another way for Gale to engage with her customers. Once the headers were custom designed for each of her social media accounts and the Hootsuite platform was created, posting became easy for Gale to manage on her own.

I also created a Mailchimp email account for Gale, so that they could capture opt in email subscribers to the site. I created several custom templates for Gale to use to send visually appealing emails to her email distribution list. I helped Gale to write and schedule several emails using Mailchimp, and gave her the credentials so she could continue to send emails to her email distribution list. PFR currently uses email as another way to engage with customers, to keep them informed of preventative measures homeowners can take to secure their home during storms, the winter months, or from hurricane threats. Their email subscriber list has grown significantly over the years and PFR’s regular emails keep prospective customers and past customers up to date on the latest threats homeowners might face.

I also wrote press releases for PFR, to announce their community donation program to the media and the public. PFR is committed to giving back to the community and to helping victims of catastrophic events to get back on their feet. Oftentimes, PFR’s customers lose everything during these catastrophic events and PFR helps them by soliciting donations to help them through difficult times.

I worked with Gale on creating promotions and how they could be used to entice people to do business with them. We also crafted various contests and other sales promotions to attract customers.

Finally, and most importantly, I created meta data for each page of the site, including a meta description that would appear in the search results, and meta titles and keywords to drive traffic to the site, and place the site highly on organic search results. First page Google and Bing placement was achieved within a couple of months. Today, if you Google search certain industry specific keywords for PFR Inc, they rank on the first page of google organically. This has resulted in thousands of new customers over the years who may not have otherwise known about this company or the services they provide. There were other trade secrets I won’t reveal in my case study, that I implemented to help PFR rank on page one organically for many keywords. If you’d like me to help your company rank on page one for geo targeted search in your industry, contact me.