Event Marketing and Promotion Results

  • Increased event attendance for various non-profits ranging from 20% increase to 50% increase in attendance
  • Designed event marketing materials and created unified branding for events for non-profits
  • Wrote press releases and generated publicity for events
  • Created social media awareness for events
  • Posted events to local event calendars and news outlets

Search Engine Optimization

  • Increased organic search presence for major keywords to page one of Google for business and non-profit clients
  • Wrote blog articles with keyword optimization and increased organic search results for a number of clients
  • Used a combination of meta data, paid search, organic search strategies website content, social media posts and backlinking to increase traffic to managed sites


  • Increased sales revenue through strategic advertising by at least 30% for several clients
  • Won two Hermes creative awards for content and concept

Pay per click Google AdWords

  • Managed Google AdWords budgets of upwards of $10,000 per month for several clients
  • Managed keyword lists and conducted keyword research for upwards of 50 keywords per campaign
  • Created multiple ads and ad campaigns
  • Wrote copy for ads
  • Designed landing pages for ads
  • Return on investment results varied, average 10-18%
  • Increased newsletter signups and event attendance for non-profits by average of 25%