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The Power of Presence

Whether your business is brick and mortar, online or home based – a strong presence in front of your prospective consumers will help you attract more customers and sell more of the products and services you have to offer.

To attract more customers, you will need an offline presence and you will need an online presence. Billions of people are going online first to research everything from teeth whitening to tractors. Although an online presence is not the only presence you should have among your target audience, it is definitely necessary to let people know you are open and ready for business.

Think that your business doesn’t need a web presence or that you already have a strong web presence because you have a website? Think again.

It doesn’t matter if 90% of your business is local, walk in traffic. Most people today will check out your business online before they do business with you. The need for instant gratification, lack of time and access to technologically advanced resources are the main reasons people to go online first when searching for products and services: Mobile devices make it quick and easy for consumers to check out your business, see when you are open, identify what specials you might be running and what other people have to say about your business.

Just because you may have a website it doesn’t necessarily mean that people know or remember your business name or that the web development firm who built your site is going to build a web presence for you. Unless you have very strong brand recognition: think Walmart, Pepsi or McDonalds, most prospective customers will be searching for your business not by the name of your business, but by the services or products you offer. Furthermore, the majority of web development firms don’t know how to build a web presence correctly. A strong web presence is a great way to “help” people learn about and find the products and services you offer.

Think of it like this; just because you have a phone it doesn’t mean that the people you want to call you will call you. Right? The same is true for your website. It is a product, not a process. The process of getting your website found by the people you would like to reach you is similar to how you might get your phone number out to people you want calling you. With the Internet, there are specific steps and procedures to ensuring that your website is found by the people you want to find it and more importantly, to buy from it.

Here are a few simple tests/questions to determine whether you have a strong web presence:

1) Google a product or service you offer in the primary area where your target market is located, are you listed on the first or second page?

2) Check for your business in Yahoo, Mapquest or Yelp to see if your profile is updated, is all the information accurate and has your business been claimed?

3) When you search for your business by name, does it come up in the search engines in the first position?

4) Do you have a strong following on all the social media sites and do you use them to update those followers regularly?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then you need a web presence review.

A web presence review and in depth analysis can help you identify exactly what is needed to improve your web presence and most importantly, get more business from the billions of people who are searching online for you right now.


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