Website Design & Development, Marketing Management

For Techgardens, I have been under contract since 2017. During this time, I managed their entire marketing department and I provided overall marketing direction for the entire operation. I designed and developed five website, including their main website. When I began working for this client, they had zero online presence, and a basic 3 page website that was outdated and not listed within the first 15 pages of a Google search. I also provided creative direction for all of the websites, wrote 85% of the content and managed all of the websites on a regular basis, updated CSS, audited the site on a regular basis, and performed a number of marketing duties, including:

Website design & development 2021 design

Website design & development 2021 design

Google Ads development & management

Advertising creative direction

Webinar planning and promotion

Email marketing

Creative direction & wireframing

Blog writing

Search engine optimization

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